A crucial step in any building process is to devise the perfect architectural designs. Speak to the professionals at Architech Designs & Modelling Services in Auckland for all your design needs.

Talk to Auckland's experts in architectural designs

Our team will discuss your concept, the estimated size of development required, the building or cladding material you want to use, and any strict guidelines that may apply. A sketch plan portrays a thousand words and is always appreciated. You can rely on us to work within your budget and choose the best products to fulfil your needs. At the initial site visit, we will gather more information about the existing condition of the property. We may also take photos and dimensions if required.

Design Process

Our team has vast experience in Concept Building Designs, 2D and 3D Drawings, Project specific design to accurately portray our design to you.

Our Design Process is as simple as 1-2-3.
Once the concept plans are agreed on, we develop the plans further by producing elevations and sections. If your requirements and budget call for it, we can develop a 3D model to create an artistic impression of the project. Depending on the project, we can provide a basic 3D draft render or a photo realistic 3D artist impression.
We do initial concept design as a starting point for brief discussions with you. We prefer to sit down and discuss the 2D plans with you so that the final design best suits your specific needs and desires. 3D models may be produced if specifically required.
Once concept design is agreed upon, we produce high quality Building Consent Plans. We also lodge building consent applications for our clients and act as first point of contact to followup the consent process for you. We also attend to site visits during construction as outlined in your contract.  

Commercial projects

We can help with any commercial project. Our team has worked on chain stores such as Z Service Stations, Cruiseabout, Intrepid, Flight Centres as well as takeaways, restaurant fit outs, redesigning commercial building into separate tenancies and much more.

Whether you want to extend an existing building, renovate or build from the ground up, we are happy to discuss your project and help achieve your dreams.

Architech Designs & Modelling Services will produce architectural plans and specifications for your project. We will compile all the plans and documentation and submit it to the council for you. We act as the first point of contact with the council to fast track your consent application.

Resource consent

So far we have a 100% success rate in resource consent applications and we plan to keep it that way! We have a team of dedicated professionals that handle all resource consent applications for residential, commercial and subdivision applications.
  • Common resource consent applications are required when infringing any council district planning rules such as:
  • Developing over 35% building coverage on a residential 6a zoning
  • Developing over 25% impermeable coverage
  • Providing less than 40% permeable area
  • Height infringement to boundary (HIRTB)
We make all efforts to avoid having to apply for resource consent. Where there are limited options, we seek to minimise the environmental effects.
A Certificate of Acceptance (COA) is required for buildings that are already built and cannot be approved via a Building Consent. We will complete on-site measurements and draw plans for a COA application to council. In some cases where the building is not built to code, we may propose design alterations so that the building can be approved under the COA process.

We provide architectural plans and associated documentation for COA application and lodge it to council. You may be required to provide other documentation from builders, plumbers, electricians and so on.
Being a Licensed Building Practitioner Design D2, we are able to provide design memorandum for building consent applications. A building consent application package would generally consist of but is not limited to:

  • 2 full sets of architectural plans
  • 2 full sets of structural and services drawings
  • 2 sets of specifications
  • Filled in council form
  • LBP Design D2 - Memorandum for design works
  • Agreement to provide producer statements
  • Council fees
We lodge the consent documents and act as your agent during the consent process. Being the first point of contact for council, we are able to keep track of your applications. Our design and documentation experience includes:
  • Residential dwelling
  • New decks, deck extension, decks above 1.5m height
  • Garage and carports
  • Pergolas
  • Restaurants/takeaways/kebab shops/coffee shops
  • Dairy shops/supermarkets
  • Apartment complexes
  • Light industrial facilities
  • Warehouse and office buildings
  • Medical facilities
  • Subdivision consents
  • Resource consents for new builds or extensions
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Council consents

With 12 years of experience and counting, Architech Designs provides the best value for money when it comes to design and documentation. We believe that the more time spent in the design process, the fewer issues you will have with builders on site.

We work with structural engineers, drainage and civil engineers, surveyors and builders to make sure that your initial idea reaches completion efficiently and cost effectively.

If you need to make changes to an existing property, we can measure your building and provide 'as built' plans for sales, insurance valuations or alterations.
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This was a plan to build a minor dwelling in my backyard. With a tight space, sloping ground and council services running underground, had made it a challenging design process. The council required a detention tank, sediment control and Lodge resource consent. Mohit handled the project from beginning to end and all approvals were granted with Mohit's help. I will definitely recommend him to everyone. Again, thanks so much for your service.

- Brian
One stop shop from design to completed house! Awesome!

- Rory K
Thanks Mohit,
Just had the Ccc and passed first time. Thanks for all your help, I'll be in touch as soon as I get another.

- John | Oct 17 2014
Very easy to contact and communicate with. All work required done in a very timely fashion. Would definitely use again.

- Ian | 6th August 2014
Excellent professional individual. Very helpful and understanding. Highly recommended. A+++.

- Ravi | 30th August 2014
Thank you Mohit for your fast and thorough work in doing this for us, much appreciated, recommend to everybody.

- Morgan | 15th January 2014
Quick response, very efficient, reliable, good price, couldn't ask for more.

- Allan
If you are looking for affordable design and better value for money while availing the services of Licensed Architectural Designers, Architech Designs is the company for you. Please contact us today for more information.
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